Sylvester Stallone has revealed he was so desperate to become an action hero that he once wore Superman fancy dress to school under his clothes during the 1950s.

The Expendables star told BBC Radio 4's Film Programme: "Even back then I identified with a superhero."

However, he said his plan to become a force for good in the classroom did not go entirely according to plan, as his peers laughed at him when they noticed his outfit, nestling Clark Kent-style beneath his uniform.

Stallone said he went into movies in an attempt to forget the humiliation but still be able to dress up - and he certainly got the last laugh!

The muscleman added that he is certainly happier now than he was in that classroom, even though he pointed out the money is not the main reason for this.

It seems funny now that Stallone dresses up as characters and people emulate him - there are always plenty of people in Rambo fancy dress at movie-related costume parties, after all.