Darth Vader

  • A man who tried to rob a bank in America wearing children's fancy dress failed this week after being caught by booby-trapped money.

    Dennis Hawkins, 48, sported a clown costume, a blonde wig and - rather bizarrely - fake breasts to attempt the heist in Pennsylvania on Saturday (July 24th 2010).

    However, after holding up cashiers with a toy gun and making off with a bag of cash, Hawkins' master plan began to fail.

    He attempted to steal a car but its owner jumped out with the keys, while the bag of money exploded

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  • A robber successfully pulled off a daring bank raid last week by wearing Star Wars fancy dress, it has been revealed.

    The baddie went into the Chase bank in Long Island, New York on Thursday (July 22nd 2010) wearing a Darth Vader fancy dress costume and proceeded to threaten staff and customers.

    Unfortunately for him, it took quite a long time to convince the cashiers that the incident was a real heist and not just a reality TV show

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  • A museum in Inverness is achieving record visitor numbers thanks to a new exhibition which is appealing to fans of Star Wars fancy dress costumes and other sci-fi themes.

    Invasion opened at Inverness Museum and Art Gallery at the beginning of this month and features a range of props and outfits from films like Star Wars, Alien, Mars Attacks and Predator, including Darth Vader costumes and other exciting pieces.

    According to BBC News, some 300 people a day have been flocking to check out the event, which will go on until May 29th 2010.<br View Post