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If you want to feel all-powerful in your fancy dress this summer, you'd better get ready to go out looking like the Queen.

That's because she has been voted top in a list of Britain's most influential and best-loved senior citizens.

The Women's Royal Voluntary Society (WRVS) organised a poll throughout the UK to commemorate the baby boomers of 1945 turning 66 and asked people to name OAPs who they think have really made a difference in various fields.

Our Queen came top thanks to her public service work, while other high-ranking golden oldies were Delia Smith, 69, Sir David Attenborough, 85, Bruce Forsyth, 83, and Alex Ferguson, 70.

WRVS chief executive Lynne Berry said: "In the UK there are too many negative assumptions about being old - that older people are a drain on society or a burden for the next generation. But this is simply not true."

The Queen is definitely down with the kids - she recently organised a flashmob inside the gates of Buckingham Palace to promote an exhibition in London.

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