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If you regularly wake up with those annoying pillow creases on your face, then you might want to change your sleeping habits before they become permanent.

According to new research from dermatologist Dr Dorris Day, people who sleep on their sides or stomach are more likely to develop lines and wrinkles than those who nod off lying on their back.

"When your face is being pushed in that same position over and over can be a problem," she pointed out.

To give sleeping on your back a try, Dr Day suggested wedging a pillow between your knees when you get in bed, which should prevent you from turning over.

However, if you are a firm side sleeper and just can't stop, the expert recommended investing in some expensive pillows that will be kinder on your skin.

Meanwhile, a new study from Allegheny College in Pennsylvania has found that napping for 45 minutes during the day can reduce stress and improve mental performance - we'd like to see how it would go down with employers though!

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