The seemingly few people who are not caught up in the excitement of the Twilight saga had better get ready to see lots of vampire fancy dress in the coming weeks.

It's the UK premiere of Eclipse tonight (July 1st 2010) and 'Twihards' will be queuing up for hours to watch the stars of the new film walk down the red carpet.

Although Robert Pattinson, Kristin Stewart and Taylor Lautner won't be there (they're probably still getting over being screamed at for the US premiere) Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene and Xavier Samuel will be.

Given the excitement already seen in America - Eclipse has broken the record for takings set by its predecessor - it's sure to be a pretty loud event, with lots of people donning fancy dress costumes among the crowds.

Anyone who can't make it to Leicester Square tonight could always join the throngs of people heading to advance screenings this weekend, or to the official opening on July 9th 2010.

If you want to get dressed up, you could go for the obvious choice of a vampire outfit, or you could join Team Jacob and go along in a werewolf costume.

Just don't forget your earplugs before entering the realm of all those screaming teenage girls.