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It has been rumoured that Stella Price, the new character played by Michelle Collins in Coronation Street, could be killed off soon.

The former EastEnders actress joined the soap last month and has come under fire for what viewers and critics claim is a dodgy Mancunian accent.

Now, a source has told the Sun that producers will introduce a dramatic new storyline in a bid to get people on her side.

Stella is therefore to be mown down by drink-driving Carla Connor, who ploughs into her as she drives her car into Barlow's Bookies.

"This storyline is Michelle's last chance to win viewers over," the mole confided.

After the running-over of Stella, her daughter decides that she does want a relationship with her mum and it is thought that Coronation Street bigwigs are hoping this will make viewers warm to Stella.

And if not - well, there's always the season of goodwill to sort things out.

"If that doesn't get the figures up, there is no hope for her and they will kill her off at Christmas," the source said.

Earlier this month, Kerry Katona told New magazine she'd quite like a role in Corrie.

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