Would a modern day Santa really have a man-bun and a beard?!? According to Google’s trends he would!
Real Santa Claus carrying big bag full of gifts, isolated on white background Real Santa Claus carrying big bag full of gifts, isolated on white background
For generations Santa has long been depicted in his traditional red and white jacket with a bobble hat and a wispy, white beard. The style is timeless, but we think it’s time for Santa to become a modern man! Escapade investigated the key fashion trends of 2015 in order to generate the image and trends of a modern day Santa. The findings were generated by analysing data on Google’s Keyword Planner and comparing the data sets to previous years. The results of the three data sets (UK, US and Australia) were combined to generate a cumulative score which led to our prediction of what Santa’s ideal modern day outfit would be. As Santa’s journey take him across the world in 24-hours, we picked out the most popular items which would be suitable for all weather conditions. The Findings According to Think With Google, 2015 saw the biggest rise in searches for men’s hair styles, and for the first time beat searches for women’s hair styles. This is no doubt due to the rise of the “man bun” as seen on celebrities including Harry Styles and Jared Leto. The top three hair-related searches in 2015 according to Think With Google were “men’s hair”, “braids” and “bold hair colours”. Of all style-related questions “how to grow a man bun” and “how to tie a man bun” came out on top. Our data highlighted that searches for “man bun” went up in the UK by 402% this year in comparison with 2014, whilst similar increases were found in the US and Australia. Similarly, searches for “man bun and beard” increased across all three territories throughout the year. Nike Air Max shoes saw the biggest rise in footwear searches with a 48% jump in searches in comparison to 2014. The US and Australia followed suit with an 83% and 50% increase respectively. Searches for “leather jacket” also saw a significant increase across all three territories. The seventies-inspired Shearling jackets have seen a re-emergence within the fashion industry throughout the year. Perfect for the Autumn/Winter period, the jackets offer a vintage, post-Mod coolness, whilst the woollen collars would perfectly suit Santa’s all-weather trip across the world. According to Google trends, turtle neck jumpers are continuing to see a seasonal trend following on from the terms success in 2014. With 3,600 average monthly UK searches throughout 2015, the term has increased in monthly searches by 89% in comparison to 2014. This seasonal growth has been echoed in the US and Australia. October 2015 saw the biggest month ever for turtle neck related searches in the US, whilst Australia peaked in May 2015 due to seasonal differences. A turtle neck jumper would perfectly suit Santa for his journey and would help to keep the warmth in throughout his exhaustive travels. “Ripped jeans” are one of this year’s most searched terms, in comparison to chino’s, pants and joggers. The term has seen huge growth over the last twelve months with a 49% increase in average monthly searches in the UK. Australia saw a 52% increase, whilst the US racked up 27,100 average monthly searches in 2015; a 13,000 increase leading to an 83% growth. Conclusion Even though Santa is currently very busy we believe that he has been a sartorial pin-up for generations and 2015’s biggest winter fashion searches will perfect for the modern day man. The data pulled from Google trends suggests that Santa may like the following: Nike Air Max Leather Jacket Ripped Jeans Man bun and beard Turtle Neck Jumper If you are planning to dress up in Santa’s classic attire this year, check out our selection of Christmas outfits. What do you think Santa should be wearing this year and what other trends do you see him loving in 2016? Tweet us on @escapade_uk using the hashtag #ModernSanta