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Let's face it. Halloween is one of the most exciting fancy address events in our costume calendar. The blood, the gore, the devil horns and glittery tridents are something that we wish we could take to parties all year round - if only to fend off unwanted attention rather than to instil abject fear.

Unfortunately, October 31st seems to have a monopoly on horror film fancy dress. However, it might be time to break the annual tradition and make sure that the ghoul and ghost costumes see the light of day more than once a year.

But how could we orchestrate such a blatant Halloween costume coup, we hear you cry?

With the help of the biggest inspiration for horror costumes over the years of course - Hollywood! In particular, the hugely popular genre of zombie flicks.

We admire the zombie's simplicity, persistence and adaptability. From the iconic days of Dawn of the Dead, right up to I Am Legend, the zombie costume has varied wildly - maintaining both its flesh-eating undertones and personal sentimentality.

And the latest raft of silver screen zombie outings are even taking the zombie theme into the past.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies isn't the only innovative undead flick to be sauntering towards the director's can.

The Curse of the Buxom Strumpet - starring A-list luminaries like Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Judy Dench - is also plodding towards a cinema near you. It's another period zombie film based on the short Birtish flick E'gad Zombies.

In short, zombies are slowly but surely disassociating themselves with Halloween and will soon be a standard staple for Hollywood-themed fancy dress parties and computer-game induced coma-themed celebrations across the nation.

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