Read celebrity news as you browse for sports fancy dress with Escapade When it comes to fairway clothing, conservatism is usually the order of the day. When they come to tee-off on the first hole, fancy dress is as far from professional golfers' minds as the club house - with the possible exception of Iain Coulter, who is renowned for his audacious fairway clobber. But, when pro golfers are embroiled in a compromising bet involving their favourite American football teams, they sometimes just have to accept their fate and dress up as giant frogs. This is what happened to PGA Tour golfer Jerry Kelly at any rate. He lost a bet with fellow athlete J. J. Henry and was forced to wear the mascot outfit of a rival American football team at the Crowne Plaza Invitational golf competition on Wednesday. Speaking to ESPN, TCU football coach Gary Patterson said: "Some guys bet and some guys follow through. "He followed through. He looks great." As you might expect, Kelly's performance was hindered somewhat by the giant frog fancy dress costume. "I couldn't see at the top of my swing," he confessed.