Now you’ve sorted out your Halloween fancy dress costumes and they should be winging their way to you, now’s the perfect time to turn your attention towards party invites.

If you want your bash to go down with a bang (or a ghostly howl), then you’ve got to let people know that you’re having one, as well as where and what time.

Although you can buy standard invitations, it could be great fun to make your own, as you can coordinate them with yours and your children’s costumes – for example, put fangs and blood on them if you’ve chosen Vampire fancy dress.

Printing them off your computer is the easiest way, but you could get everyone involved by visiting a craft website like, stocking up on a few basic items and then enjoying an afternoon cutting and sticking.

Getting cracking on invites now will let you give them out in plenty of time, as well as allowing for your kids, who will undoubtedly leave them in the bottom of their school bags for a couple of days before they remember!

The best time to have your Halloween party could be around 18:30 to 19:00, as this will give time for youngsters to attend and still get to bed in good time.