Fun fancy dress helps Russell Brand and Katy Perry go out in public together when they don’t want to be recognised.

The funnyman said at the launch of his new autobiography My Booky Wook 2: This Time It’s Personal that they have a tried and tested disguise to ensure they stay incognito – old lady fancy dress.

“I put on some specs, then I bend over like an old man and go out with Katy holding a cane and we dodder around like a couple of bag ladies,” he commented.

Russell also joked that Katy wears so much makeup when she’s performing that fans are unlikely to recognise her without it anyway.

Meanwhile, Matt Lucas has told BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat that he likes dressing up as a woman because he can lose himself in the role, but added mischievously that David Walliams gets a thrill from being in drag.