All about the Incredibles 1 and 2 Incredibles 2 the movie is just around the corner and we cannot wait! It’s been 14 years since the first movie came about and now our favourite family is back. We love this superhero film for all its light-hearted humour, wit and action are super excited to see it in cinemas on the 13th July. The sequel appears to follow a similar path to the first film picking up directly where the last one left off, however since it’s been a while we wanted to give you a quick refresher of the movie as well as some fun things to look out for in the sequel!

The Incredibles

The Incredibles follows a family of superheroes who have been forced to retreat to the suburbs with the aim to try and live a ‘normal life’ and conceal their superhero identities. Prior to this Bob Parr (Mr Incredible) and his wife (Mrs Incredible) were the world’s greatest crime-fighting superheroes. They now have three children Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack (who also have superpowers). Whilst Bob Parr loves family life, he is also eager to get back into action and put his superpowers to use again and when the opportunity arises to take rescue the world from destruction, he calls on his family for a joint effort to save the day!  

The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2 follows a similar path to the first one with a different family member being summoned to use his superpowers for a very important mission! This time it’s Mrs Incredible, Helen Parr (aka Elastgirl) who takes on the spotlight whilst Mr Incredible is left to look after his family in the suburbs! If that’s not enough of a shakeup, here are some other things to prepare yourself for:  

1. Jack Jack is one of many superpowers and they are developing very quickly

Aside from his ability to shapeshift and turn into fire, we realise that baby Jack Jack has more super powers than we had realised! He also has elastic skin, is able to walk through walls can shoot laser beams out of his eyes and multiply any time he likes.  

2. Helen Parr’s new suit wasn’t designed by Edna Mode.

Yes that’s right, the (fictional) renowned fashion designer famous for creating famous superhero costumes did not design Mrs Incredibles new super suit! Instead of her usual red and black attire, Mrs Incredible has gone for a darker look of mainly silver, black and grey and accents of a darker red of course. We are looking forward to finding out why she didn’t get her new suit from the eccentric Edna Mode and are even more so looking forward to hopefully seeing the comedy and outrage that this may cause!  

3. Our fave superhero family are joined by six new heroes, each with exciting superpowers!

Be prepared to meet Voyd, Brick, Reflux, Krushauer, Screch and He-lectrix!  

4. The animation is going to be outstanding!

Expect to see a wider range of expressions thanks to new animation technology which has also improved the looks of the characters especially the hair!  

5. The Incredibles have a new house

Seeing as syndrome destroyed the original house in the first movie, the Parr family have a brand new residence for you to admire! Think mid-century modern with terrazzo flooring.   If you love the Incredibles as much as we do and are super excited about the new movie, then you will love our new Incredibles 2 costumes (pictured below).   Incredibles costumes