Celebrate the 4th July

4th of July

Next week is the fourth of July which means Americans from all over will gather to celebrate Independence Day!  Another excuse to dress up and celebrate!

What is the fourth July?

The Fourth of July, aka Independence Day commemorates the birth of America and the day they gained their independence from the British Empire!  It was on the 4th July 1776 that the thirteen colonies of America declared themselves to be states of a new nation! At the time these colonies were run by the British who went about colonising North America in the 16th century! In 1775 however, delegates from the colonies met and declared a war of Independence against Britain!

How did people begin celebrating?

Independence Day celebrations began on Rhode Island a year after the declaration of Independence marking its anniversary on July 4th 1777. Thirteen gun shots were fired, one for each of the different colonies. Since then the 4th July has been celebrated across the whole of America and is a national holiday where parties, parades and families gather together. Initially it was an unpaid holiday for federal workers until the congress made it a paid holiday in 1938.

How do people celebrate now?

Independence Day is still celebrated today in a very much similar way.  Whilst there are big parades and Firework displays in America, many people around the world also take the opportunity to join in the celebrations.  Expect to find many bars and restaurants across London, hosting themed events and American style menus.  Whether you’re American or not, it’s a great excuse to dress up and party! Looking for some outfit inspiration? Check out our 4th of July costumes and accessories.