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Batman Live opened in Manchester this week to rave reviews and a buzz of excitement from viewers, many of whom went in superhero fancy dress.

However, the importance of having spare props was underlined when the show hit quite a big snag in rehearsals the week before its grand debut.

As the Batmobile - designed by Formula One car expert Professor Gordon Murray - made its way across the stage, it suddenly went out of control and crashed.

" literally came out, swizzled around and crashed into the Bank of Gotham. The Bank of Gotham took a bit of a hit but we patched it up and I don't think anyone would notice," a source told BBC News.

Sadly, the Batmobile came out looking worse and a spare that had been on display in Manchester city centre had to be rushed in to the Manchester Evening News arena to replace it.

Batman Live will go on to Newcastle, Glasgow, Sheffield, Birmingham and London and its producers hope it will be touring until 2016.

However, anyone hoping to see the Caped Crusader singing might be disappointed, as its creators were quick to point out it isn't a musical but a theatrical acrobatic show.

It tells the story of how Batman and Robin met and stars Nick Court, Sam Heughen, Kamran Darabi-Ford and Michael Pickering.

Meanwhile, a teaser trailer was released earlier this week for The Dark Knight Rises, the next Batman movie.

It features Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) lying in a hospital bed and begging Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) to revive Batman.

The voiceover is provided by Liam Neeson, but there is no sign of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.

A bit of a long wait is needed before it hits cinemas, as The Dark Knight Rises won't be out until July 2012.

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