Must have Festival Accessories Summer is all around us and so are the greatest festivals.  From Kendal Calling to Bestival, Beautiful Days and many many more, we have so much to look forward to! Not only are the best acts on the bill, but the weather is looking more fantastic than ever and we get to dress up! Whilst many of these festivals (as noted in the festival guide) have specific fancy dress themes, others are slightly more casual, but that doesn’t mean fancy dress isn’t welcomed. Whether you’re looking to go all out, or take a more casual approach to your festival look this summer, there’s no reason why your outfits shouldn’t pop with fun and vibrancy.  At Escapade we believe that accessories can really do wonders to take your costumes to the next level, helping you to tie your whole outfit together. Whether you channelling bright colours and wish to stand out from the crowd in a striking wig or are simply looking for a quirky item to make a statement. Festival season is no time for blending in and we have just the accessories for you to ensure you don’t do just that.  From Wigs to sunglasses, to flower garlands and unicorn horns of course, here are just some of our favourite accessories for this year’s summer festivals. feather boas

From left to right: white, red, pink, green

Festivals are a time when we can ditch the saying ‘less is more’( not that we ever adopted that saying in the first place) because at Escapade more is always more and what better way to live up to this mantra than by adding some sass to your fancy dress attire with a bright and colourful boa.  These floofy accessories will add the finishing flair to whatever you wear and we have a lovely selection for you to choose from. Sunglasses

Some of our favourites as pictured above: Rock + Roll Sunglasses, 70's Hippie Specs, Hippie Specs, Hawaiian Specs, Star Glasses Jumbo

When the sun has been shining as brightly as it has been lately, we surely need a pair of sunnies just to protect our vision, but why not look like a complete Rock Star in the process!  From tropical specs to starry shades, our sunglasses will add an element of fun to your ensemble. Face Paint The beauty of face paints at festivals is that you can create your own unique design depending on the festivals theme and if there is no theme, painting your face is just another way of adding a quirky element to your look.  We have face paints in every colour of the rainbow to help you get creative. Whether you want to create a floral motif, a butterfly design or your own fun pattern of some sort, our face paints will help you get started. Unicorn Accessories

From left to right: Unicorn Wig, Unicorn Fairy Wig, Unicorn Light Up Horn, Unicorn Mask

We can’t help but give Unicorn accessories a category of their own.  That’s right, the whole world has gone crazy for unicorns and so have we! After all, what’s not to love about these multi-coloured mythical creatures? Our unicorn accessories are something to get very excited over and will guarantee you will be loved at whichever festival you attend.


From left to right: Beach Hat with LuauPink Sequin Trilby Hat, Cowboy Hat Black Studded

Another way to cool off the sun whilst looking super rad! Whilst some of our hats will make way for any heatwave that approaches us, others will simply provide a fun aesthetic to complement festival fashion and costumes.  From Western Indian Headdresses to Cowboy and sparkly Trilby hats, we have a great selection from you to choose from. Wigs

From left to right: Fire Coral Babe Wig, Desire Wig, Black and Purple Siren Wig

Brightly coloured hair is often a big trend during the summer especially at festivals but if you don’t want to go through the hassle and damage of dying your hair, we recommend you choose a fun and colourful wig! Perfect for adopting a fun disguise or alter ego for the day or weekend or each day of the weekend. Flower Garlands

From left to right: Hawaiian Garland, Hawaiian Garland Set, Multicoloured Hawaiian Lei

Leis! The quickest, easiest and most convenient way to add some pizzaz to your festival attire whilst keeping extra summery and tropical, even if it does rain.