Anyone who is struggling to think of ways to entertain their little ones during the forthcoming school holidays should embrace children's fancy dress.

Sally Reynolds, a spokesperson from LEGOLAND, told us that kids love dressing up, plus it is an easy way of tiring them out in time for bed!

"The great thing is that they can be heroes or whoever they want to be, and it also means they run around a lot," she pointed out.

A new poll from LEGOLAND has shown that nine out of ten children get a thrill from raiding their dressing up box, with Pirates of the Caribbean costumes most popular for boys.

Princess outfits were, perhaps unsurprisingly, a favourite for girls, while little ones of both sexes enjoyed dressing up as witches or wizards.

Children's fancy dress is great, as you can really let their imagination - and yours! - run wild.

Formula 1 racing car drivers, clowns and astronauts are other good ideas if you've already tried the above favourites.