We're pretty sure that everyone would recognise a Captain America costume if they saw one, what with him being one of the most famous superheroes in the world and all.

However, with every movie remake of a classic comic strip comes a costume overhaul - and this patriotic hero is no exception.

Mike Sampson of the JoBlo Movie Network was among the first sci-fi fans to get a glimpse of the Captain's new outfit this week and apparently, it's been streamlined for a more utilitarian look.

His hood has been replaced with an army helmet which goes over his eyes and the blue of his suit is more muted than before.

The codpiece has also gone, but an old-style utility belt has been added in for a retro touch.

"And for those who are curious, the pants actually have a fly so Cap can take a leak if he needs to," said Mike.

Er, great, that is just what we wanted to know.

The new movie isn't out until next year, so we're sure you will get away with the last generation of Captain America costumes if you want to become him for a fancy dress party.

Alternatively, you could channel another patriotic superhero and don a Superman fancy dress costume for the day.