Weddings can be pretty uninspiring sometimes - but not when the guests are surprised by the groom in a Joker fancy dress costume and the bride looking like a milkmaid!

This is what happened at a party in Ripley this weekend after Shannon Sollitt and Mark Harrold decided they wanted to tie the knot.

They made the choice to hold their nuptials as a surprise, disguised as Shannon's birthday party, the Queensland Times reports.

"I turned 30 this year and I was always going to have a fancy dress themed party at our home, so five weeks out we decided that we might as well get married," she explained.

After the birthday cake had been cut, the bridal march started and in walked the bride, much to the surprise of everyone except the happy couple.

That's what we call a great party!

However, instead of a milkmaid costume, we reckon it would have been even better if the bride had sported a Poison Ivy costume to match her betrothed's Batman fancy dress. Just an idea if you want to hold your own costumed wedding…