World Book Day 2   Thanks to National Book Tokens and many other book publishers and sellers, World Book Day will be distributing more than 14 million £1.00 World Book Day book tokens to children all over the UK & Ireland! When you get your book token, simply take it to your local participating bookshop and swap it for one of these brand new and completely free books. Alternatively you can use your book token to get £1.00 off any full price book instead (including audio books). Here are four of the ten free* and exclusive books for World Book Day 2016 (with matching costumes!).

1, Kipper's Visitor

  “Kipper has a visitor – a slightly dirty gosling in need of a bath. But the gosling doesn’t say very much. ‘Honk!’ is about all he can manage! Created for World Book Day 2016 and starring the much-loved Kipper, this charming story follows Kipper and an adorable gosling through a bubbly bath time.” 293-x-3292   Button  

2, Supertato to the Rescue

  It’s night-time in the supermarket and Supertato is on the hunt for the perfect bedtime story. But, what’s this…all the books have disappeared! It can only be the work of The Evil Pea! Can Supertato save the books? Will the supermarket ever get to sleep? Find out in this un-PEA-lievable new adventure. 293-x-329   Button    

3, The Great Mouse Plot

  You had the idea – so you can be the one to put the mouse in the jar.’ This is a true story. Every day the boy walks past a sweet shop filled with jars of delicious gobstoppers and sticky treacle toffees. But there is one terrible problem. The shop is owned by Mrs Pratchett, a skinny old hag with filthy finger nails. She is so mean that the boy decides to trick her – and he’s got the perfect plan… 293-x-3294 Button  

4, Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space

  When their parents are captured by the evil Galactic Empire, brother and sister Milo and Lina Graf must set out on an epic quest to free them. Menaced by Imperial agents, bounty hunters, and gangsters, they will have to travel across the galaxy uncovering clues to rescue their parents and aid the Rebellion in the fight against the Empire… 293-x-3296 Button  

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*For more information on the '2016's £1 Book', please refer to the World Book Day website.