Easter Egg Hunt Checklist

Easter Header - Blog Planning on hosting an Easter Egg hunt for your friends and family? We've put together a short to do list so you can ensure that  you are fully prepared for the day.  

1, Time & Date

  Keep in mind that your guests may have family events to attend to on Easter day, so planning around the day may be necessary. Hosting your party on a weekend is always a good idea, then you can rest assure that no one has to leave early to get ready for school/work in the morning. Ensure that the location is accessible for everyone, so whether guests are driving or taking public transport they won't get lost.  

2, Make it suitable for your age group

  When hiding your eggs, be sure that you're keeping your guests in mind. If they are younger children, hide the Easter eggs in places they can reach safely. For example, scattered across the grass, next to trees, in plant pots. For older guests you are able to make the challenge a little harder, you could hide your Easter eggs in bushes, under cars and in trees.  

3, Choose the location

  Typically Easter egg hunts are hosted in garden, parks and fields but there''s no saying that you can't host one anywhere else. Setting up clear markers for the hunters is very important, you don't want them getting lost! Setting up a boundary is key, as you wont be able to keep your eyes on all of the hunters at all times. You can have the boundary set as big or small as you would like. Once you have chosen your date and location, it's time to start inviting your friends, there are many different ways you can do this. For example, you could create an event on Facebook, send an invitation through the post or via email, whichever suits you.  

4, Make a list of hiding places

  Now that you have your guest list, you have a rough idea as to how many eggs you can hide around your location. For your reference, keep a checklist of the hiding places of the Easter Eggs. This will help with the clean up and could be useful if two or more guests have the same amount of eggs and you need to announce a winner.  

5, Have some prizes

  Be sure to hide some special Easter eggs containing a prize. Including treats like chocolates, sweets and special clues are great. If necessary, you can colour code these special Easter eggs to make it fair for younger guests, for example having "Green coloured eggs" for the children and "Purple coloured eggs" for the adults. Remember to have prizes prepared for the end of the hunt for the winners and runner-ups!  

6, Dress appropriately

  Dressing up is always fun, so whether you're having the Easter bunny make an appearance or would like to give out costumes as prizes we've got the costume for you. Easter Blog Banner 2 Follow Escapade Fancy Dress's board Easter Fancy Dress Costumes! on Pinterest.