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The BBC's Big Weekend was arguably the first major, national music festival in the 2011 calendar and, with many revellers sporting entertaining costumes for the duration, it is clear that fancy dress will play a hugely important role in defining outdoor music events throughout the year.

Whether in animal fancy dressed or sporting the costume of their favourite superheroes, festival-goers have long had a passionate love affair with unusual attire.

Bouncing along to Jessie J and Tinie Tempa, or bugging out to the Black Eyed Peas didn't stop swathes of people abandoning cool, pop chic in favour of a barrel-of-fun fancy dress outfit.

And it looks like the upcoming festival season will be geared around fancy dress like never before.

Take the Bearded Theory Festival, which took take place in Debry at Kedleston Hall last weekend (May 15th).

Some 6,500 revellers descended on the country pile to shake a leg at - amongst other things - X Factor reject Wagner, Athlete and The Waterboys.

And while this seems like a small-scale affair when compared to the likes of BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend - and upcoming festivals like Glastonbury and Download - the fancy dress turnout was unprecedented.

The festivals organisers have claimed that they broke the world record for the largest number of fake beards worn at a single event - making it a perfect outing for Escapade's new King of The Sea Wig & Beard costume.

Some 2,500 people donned faux facial hair - smashing the festival's previous record of 1,800.

So it looks like this could be the beginning of a festival season packed with rock star costumes and pop star fancy dress.

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