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Johnny Depp was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly recently, promoting the latest instalment of Pirates of the Carribean - which, let's face it, is a massive fancy dress fest.

The A-list actor went into considerable depth when discussing his authentic pirate fancy dress costume with a journalist from the publication.

However, Pirates Magazine editor Dave Nichols read the article and contacted Entertainment Weekly to inform the publication's readers that Depp failed to mention a number of key adjustments to his dazzling pirate garb, which you will be able to see in full in Pirates of the Caribbean IV from Friday (May 20th) when the film opens in cinemas across the country.

In particular, Mr Nichols said that the pelts hanging at Jack Sparrow's side are not rabbit, but the hind legs and feet from a red fox.

"Sailors often wore such pelts to draw vermin from their bodies. Once the pelts were full of ticks, fleas, mealworms and maggots, they were discarded," he noted.

Mr Nichols also pointed out that Sparrow's new outfit comes complete with a new Queen Anne pistol - which fits the period the film is set in.

But he noted that Sparrow would never wear rings on his fingers while swashbuckling, as they could easily get caught in the rigging!

Depp was recently commended for his role as Sparrow at the National Movie Awards. He picked up the lucrative Screen Icon award at the glitzy ceremony, which was held at London's Wembley Arena.

However, the actor wasn't available to pick up his accolade.

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