With the walloping 4 – 0 dismantling of Italy, Spain have once again reigned supreme over the footballing world, and with their third major tournament victory in a row, they have accomplished a feat that no other team in world football has equalled. Good for them, but what we in England are more interested in now is how you get your face seen by the world at the Olympics, and we’ve put together a quick guide of tips that may allow you to accomplish just this, that is, if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket. 1: Being Born a Beautiful Woman: While this is easier said than done, the cameramen love nothing more than focussing their lens on a patriotically dolled up hottie during moments of tension, tribulation and, far more likely, jubilation. While this is perhaps the hardest, or easiest way to get noticed depending on your genetics, would be parents of future momentary sports fan stardom can at least give their future children a fighting chance by using Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis or sperm sorting to ensure that they at least have a girl and not a boy who wouldn't stand a fighting chance. 2: Cry: Some of sports most memorable moments are strewn with tears, whether its Gazza or Ronaldo during the football or Natasha Lapinski during the Winter Olympics tears = camera time. Some of the most iconic crowd shots of Euro 2012 featured the tears of losing teams. A special nod this year goes to Germany, whose surprise defeat at the hands of the Italian’s set off enough tears to fill the Rhine. If you want camera time get those tear ducts working overtime during the Olympic games. 3: Wear a Costume: This is where Escapade’s expertise comes in to play. You won’t find a single major sporting event these days without a camera shot of a costume clad attendee and to ensure that you stand a fighting chance of getting your three seconds of fame at the 2012 Olympic games we’ve got an excellent selection of British fancy dress costumes for you to choose from. Guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd and, if you’re lucky, catch the eye of the roving camera man. 4: Do something outlandish: If the Euro’s have taught us anything it’s that outlandish behaviour will get you press time. Whether it’s the giant banner the Irish brought to the games which proudly proclaimed, “Angela Merkel Thinks We’re At Work”, The Irish fan who made “close friends” with a Croatian supporter and then found himself trending on Twitter, or the England fan who decided he didn’t need trousers during the penalty shoot out - outlandish behaviour gets you camera time. Of course this notoriety isn't necessarily a good thing, so tread lightly with thoughts of the austerity of your future firmly in view. Of course there is always the easier option of wearing something so outrageous people are forced to notice you. Check out our funny fancy dress costumes for ideas. 5: Get Decent Seats: No one likes the nosebleeds, if you need binoculars to see the match / event you aren't likely to get your few seconds of fame. Pick seats in camera rich areas, which are typically found in the middle section of stadiums. 6: Do a combination of everything mentioned above: If you find yourself in the unique position of being a beautiful woman, in a good seat, wearing a fancy dress costume, whilst doing something so outrageous that it ends in tears and you don’t end up on international television, a cameraman somewhere will lose his wings.