If you grew up in the nineties, no scratch that, if you were alive in the nineties the leopard print tops, platform trainers, tracksuits and a certain memorable Union Jack dress were worn by a group of girls who were as famed for their fashion sense as they were for their voices. We are of course talking about the creators of “Girl Power”, the Spice Girls. This week the group announced that they would be putting some of their old costumes up for auction to raise money for charities Save the Children and Children in Need. Victoria Beckham will be auctioning off some of her black PVC costumes and dresses, similar to the posh spice costume that we stock. Victoria also said that she would be keeping some of the other outfits for her baby daughter Harper. Emma Bunton, who is a customer of Escapade, and because of this obviously our favourite Spice Girl, will be donating a range of her baby shift dresses similar to the Baby Spice costume seen here. Mel B formerly known as scary spice will be auctioning off a series of leopard print outfits and iconic all-in-ones which she helped to create her iconic look during her time with the Spice Girls. Mel C, or Sporty Spice as we knew her then, has included some of her classic tracksuits in the auction. You can see a sample of what will be up for grabs with our Sporty Spice costume. Last and certainly not least is Geri Haliwell and despite the fact that the Spicy British Flag dress that she famously wore at the 1997 Brit awards will not be featured in the auction, it is currently at the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas, but a range of her other burlesque inspired dresses will be included in the auction. The auction aims to raise money for charity and to get those publicity wheels churning as the girls West End musical Viva Forever!, featuring the Spice Girls greatest hits launches later this month.