Models career ruined by costume worn in MIB 3Model Danika Gardener, 23, wore a two stone (30 lb) sheet-metal costume with 6-inch metal spiked heels for a role as an alien from the planet Glamoua in “MIB3”, which she claims resulted in her breaking her back. The actor/model is now suing Columbia Pictures and Amblin Entertainment as she claims that the extraterrestrial outfit resulted in her suffering from a herniated disc and severe nerve damage, which she claims has ruined her modelling career. The 6’2 model has had a long career in fashion magazines and has modelled for the company Olay as well as playing bit roles in the television series “Ugly Betty” and the film “Sex and the City2”. Danika wore the heavy costume for five days straight during 12 hour straight shifts, which mainly involved her walking down a runway or standing still in the background. She complained to the wardrobe team about how heavy the costume was and requested to remove it between takes, but she was forced to keep the costume on as she was required to appear in the background through the duration of a long scene. After playing the role the model claimed that she had trouble moving and had to turn down a number of gigs that her agency set up for her. Danika’s modelling agency Wilhelmina Models dropped her as a result of her inability to work, as she discovered through an MRI the fact that she had a large herniated disk pressing on her nerve, and required a surgery which cost $30,000 and resulted in the removal of a piece of her vertebral bone. At Escapade we know a thing or two about costume safety and practicality, which is why we would never stock an alien fancy dress costume which weighed an oppressive (back breaking) two stones!