Read lifestyle news as you browse for sci-fi fancy dress with Escapade Iran has claimed to have built the world's first flying saucer in a bid to show its technological advancement. According to the Daily Mail, nobody knows what it looks like yet or how high up it can fly, but the country's ISNA news agency said it has GPS and facilities for "aerial imaging" on "various missions". Strangely, the fact that it can fly indoors was cited as a highlight, which will be really useful on space ventures. Although there are no official pictures yet, ISNA helpfully released a stock photo showing a UFO from an old B-movie which looked a bit like the ones in Earth V The Flying Saucers from 1956. Iran added that it hopes to send a man into space in the next nine years - but the country didn't reveal whether or not it will be via the new flying saucer. Earlier this month, the British government released its own real-life X Files documenting all reported alien encounters since the mid-20th century. Check out the latest alien fancy dress at Escapade