2012 among other, and slightly more important, things is the year of the blockbuster superhero film. With The Avengers already amassing a bank bailing $1.4bn on their way to becoming the third highest grossing film in the history of cinema (Number 1, Avatar, Number 2, Titanic). The reboot of the Spider-Man franchise whilst, guaranteed to have an audience, was not expected to get near these figures. However, ahead of the films main release in the US and the UK on July 3rd early indicators are suggesting that the spidey franchise facelift could surpass the collective power of all of the Avengers in the box office. The film which has been released across Asia and in some selected parts of Europe had delivered some surprisingly strong numbers. In both Korea and India The Amazing Spider-Man beat the opening weekend totals for The Avengers. The film has also shown strongly in Germany, Holland, and Japan. Whether this will be enough to surpass the collective box office might of The Avengers we will have to wait and see. The Amazing Spider-Man forms the middle layer of the summer of superheroes sandwich, with the final instalment of the Dark Knight trilogy The Dark Knight Rises throwing its hat into the ring at the end of this month. At Escapade we are proud to announce that we have brand new and officially licensed superhero costumes for all three of the biggest superhero films of 2012. So whether it’s Batman, Spidey, Thor or Bain that tickle your fancy we have them all and many more.