• You know a film is big news when even the sexy fancy dress that features in the story needs security.

    This is the case for the costumes in Twilight Eclipse, which are currently touring cinemas around the world so that fans can check them out in real life.

    They are currently in New Zealand, where outfit's like Jacob Black's demin shorts will be showing at the Event Cinema in Manukau until July 21st, reports.

    Cinema manager Jane Harding said: "The clothing has to be in View Post
  • The seemingly few people who are not caught up in the excitement of the Twilight saga had better get ready to see lots of vampire fancy dress in the coming weeks.

    It's the UK premiere of Eclipse tonight (July 1st 2010) and 'Twihards' will be queuing up for hours to watch the stars of the new film walk down the red carpet.

    Although Robert Pattinson, Kristin Stewart and Taylor Lautner won't be there (they're probably still getting over being screamed at for the US premiere) Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene and Xavier View Post
  • Wearing werewolf fancy dress to school would have been given short shrift from our teachers, but it seems that education chiefs in Texas are having to put up with it because of a new craze.

    According to the Sun, teenagers are sporting yellow contact lenses, fangs and furry tails to their classes as part of a trend which pays homage to the fantastical creatures.

    Twilight and other such films have been blamed for the sudden surge in 'wolf packs' in schools across the state, with the kids involved hanging View Post