Dark Knight Rises Film Fancy Dress CostumesWith the year’s most anticipated film The Dark Knight Rises set to light up cinema screens across the UK and the rest of the world this Friday, at Escapade we have already seen a steady increase in searches and request for Batman related fancy dress costumes. Over the next few weeks, at least until the Olympic Games steals their thunder, The Dark Knight Rises will be the hottest tickets in town (whichever town you live in). The Dark Knight Rises has been one of most hyped films of 2012 and that’s saying something during the summer of superhero blockbusters that have already graced the big screen. While it’s too early to say how the Dark Knight will measure up to this year’s Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man films the critics who have already seen it make the following arguments: Reviewer David Edwards from the Daily Mirror referred to the film as, "the sulky, brooding brother of the recent Spider-Man flick". While Xan Brooks from the Guardian calls it "a corrective to the jumpsuit antics of The Avengers". While the team at Escapade aren’t film reviewers we can tell you that between the three films currently the Avengers lead the way for the most commonly searched character costumes on our website while Batman fancy dress and particularly the new  Bane costume have over taken Spider-Man related searches in the run up to the final instalment of the Dark Knight trilogy. We’ll keep you posted on who becomes the king of the superhero films both in the box office and in the costume world as time progresses and we have more data to present, but one things for sure, the summer of 2012 is definitely going to be the summer of superheroes!