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Coleen Rooney has posted a picture of her one-and-a-half year old son Kai on Twitter in Toy Story fancy dress.

The young lad is pictured sporting a Woody costume and the caption posted with the image simply reads: "My little Woody."

Kai was dressed as the cartoon character, who was played by Tom Hanks in the hit Hollywood movie, for a christening.

He was snapped in a big, brown cowboy hat, the trademark red and yellow checked shirt and a fake cowhide waistcoat.

As well as getting his good looks from his father, Kai appears to have inherited the Manchester United player's penchant for fancy dress.

Earlier this year, Wayne and Coleen were snapped in full fancy dress while on holiday in France.

While Coleen sported a gold hat, Rooney played on the media fuss surrounding his recent hair transplant and donned a Rasta wig - complete with a Jamaican flag-inspired beanie.

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